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Specialized inspection

Specialized inspections offered:

The inspectors have completed the training: Obligations, law and procedures relating to work in the presence of asbestos

French drain inspection

Drain and sewer inspection by camera, whether preventive (during a pre-purchase inspection) or to find the causes of an existing problem (excessive humidity, mold, etc.), requires expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver convincing results. This is what FPO inspection offers you! Ask about our very competitive prices.


At inspection FPO thermal scanning is included in all our inspections. This technique is essential for an accurate and complete inspection. To be able to use a thermal camera, a building inspector must be certified as a level 1 thermographer. At inspection FPO, our inspectors are at least level 1 thermographers. To be able to include the thermography in the inspection report, (thermal images, documentation, analysis) the building inspector must be certified level 2 thermographer. At inspection FPO we also offer this service if you wish. Ask about our rates for this additional service.

Detection of mould, fungus, efflorescence (exploratory openings)

At inspection FPO we are certified by the IICRC in microbial and mold management. We are also equipped to carry out exploratory openings to confirm the presence of mold, fungi or efflorescence in the walls. If you suspect the presence of mold inside your walls, our experts can give you the facts, contact us!


Radon is a radioactive gas that comes from uranium naturally present in the earth's crust. Radon is found in the ground, all over the Earth's surface. The amount of radon in the ground can vary significantly from place to place. Radon can also be found in groundwater.

Radon can seep into buildings, especially through the foundations. It can sometimes accumulate and reach concentrations that can pose a health risk. As it is a gas that has no smell, taste or color, it is impossible to detect it by the senses. Do not hesitate to ask our expert for advice during the building inspection.

Water quality test

During a pre-purchase inspection, if you want to know exactly the composition of the water in your future home, Inspection FPO offers a service to test the quality of the water, find out!

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Maison unifamiliale
Condominium (partie privative seulement)

For other types of buildings, contact us to get a free quote


Pre-purchase inspection
Pre-purchase inspection

Protect the biggest investment of your life.

Pre-sale inspection
Pre-sale inspection

Maximize the value of your property. Carry out the required work before selling.

Pre-reception inspection
Pre-reception inspection

Make sure your new construction meets all current building standards.

Specialized inspection
Specialized inspection

Inspection with state-of-the-art technological tools.